About Us

Welcome to Greenflame Grills!

Greenflame Grills is a family run business with a passion for all things pellets. Based in the highlands of Scotland, we at Greenflame have been working in the pellet industry for over ten years and have now branched out into the fantastic world of Wood Pellet cooking! Our goal is to offer customers the opportunity to join the latest BBQ craze of fully automated wood smoked cooking. The controllability of gas with the unbeatable flavour enhancement of 100% hardwood pellet smoke.

We stock only high quality, well-built grills that will keep you grilling 365 days a year. We want to put an end to ‘summer only’ barbecuing with these lean, mean, cooking machines that allow a complete BBQ novice to cook competition grade dishes all year round!

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are only a phone-call away so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Happy Grilling!